About Us & What We Do


Your Elephant is an employee awards and recognition company that creates unique and unforgettable experiences for the special events in employees’ careers and lives. An elephant has one of the best memories of any creature on earth, and it is said that an elephant never forgets. Just like an elephant, Your Elephant never forgets. Let Your Elephant help you make the most extraordinary experiences for your employees.


Our mission is to make a positive impact on people’s lives by recognizing special dates and activities. Our clients count on us to reward people for helping companies prosper. Happiness and pride is what we want to help reinforce when a person displays hard work, loyalty or dedication to a company.  Our product choices and attention to detail put a smile on people’s faces. Our service is personal and our value is unmatched.

We service clients throughout the US and Canada

Your Elephant ships throughout US and Canada. We maintain the most current inventories through a vast network of suppliers. We also have the capability to order, brand and distribute items throughout our delivery network to help support our clients in many different ways. No matter if it is one box of unique promotional products or a truck load of awards for a client or employee banquet, we are the right choice for you.

Our Story

Your Elephant was developed from the ground up solely for the purpose of celebrating and awarding individuals while improving outlook and infusing pride. Simple gestures like sending hand-written cards to employees have fallen by the wayside in our technical world. While many desire these cards, they simply do not have the time or resources to hand write them or keep up with special dates. We still provide hand written birthday and anniversary cards for several of our clients.


The development of our awards and recognition platform was based on some key elements. While most anniversary awards have traditionally been catalog based, we realized the need for more flexibility. By providing a web-based solution, it offered us the opportunity to present a point based system along with showcasing up-to-date and relevant awards. Awards and recognition can encompass safety awareness, sales motivation, peer-to-peer awards and client service incentives. We also manage customer loyalty programs all over the United States. Our awards point system gives us the ability to accomplish one or many programs for each company we work with.