Safety Assurance

Our network of qualified experts provides unrivaled knowledge of construction, municipality, and general industry compliance in OSHA, EPA, DHEC, DOT, VPP, SHARPS, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, Arc Flash, Process Safety Management, and much more.  From the small, family-owned business to the large scale international corporation, Life and Safety offers a broad range of customizable and turn-key solutions to suit a client’s every need.

Whether it’s mentoring a client in preparation for ISO 14001 certification, VPP or SHARPS certifications, or simply conducting Industrial Hygiene testing, Life and Safety has been able to successfully integrate Environmental, Health, and Safety Program excellence into the culture of many diverse companies.

Safety in the workplace continues to be a major objective of employers. The total cost of workplace injuries and fatalities cost American companies about $155 billion (US) every year. These costs can be cut with a successful safety incentive programs. Based on the surveys, companies that have safety programs in place show that:

87% Believe that safety incentive programs were effective
65% Recognized a reduction in workers’ compensation costs
81% Absenteeism had decreased
96% Safety awareness was increased
84% Saw a reduction in accidents
75% Stated that the programs were cost effective

An unsafe practice can result in a disastrous outcome and a 
lack of proper safety training can leave employees ill-equipped 
to respond to issues that might arise. Whether completing
safety training, following procedures, pointing out unsafe

Now reward your SAFE EMPLOYEES!

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Navigating the requirements of OSHA, DOT, DHEC, EPA, and other federal, state, and local safety, health, and environmental regulatory agencies can be overwhelming for any company.  Couple that with implementing the appropriate programs, administering training, and conducting audits and all of a sudden it becomes difficult to even know where to start.

Your Elephant with Life and Safety create successful Environmental Health and Safety Management Solutions (EH&S) for large and small businesses.

We provide partnership services for both small and large businesses to take the guesswork out of creating, implementing, and continually maintaining a successful Environmental, Health, and Safety Management System. 


These partnerships offer support with various compliance and risk related initiatives, are customized to fit each client’s specific needs, and are the perfect fit for Human Resources, Facilities, and Management professionals that, in addition to their normal functions, are tasked with compliance and risk management.

Safety Platform

Your Elephant services offered with Life and Safety Partnerships Include:


  • Management Systems Mentoring, Development, and Support Process Development and Review Online and Classroom Training

  • Records Management

  • Customized Auditing and Corrective Action Management

  • Hazard Chemical Management

  • Environmental, Health, and Safety Committee Meetings

  • Compliance Reporting

  • Health, Wellness, and Ergonomics Programs

  • First Responder Training

  • Management System Auditing and Benchmarking

  • Continuous Improvement Support

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