Employee Recognition 

Length of Service Recognition

Loyal, long-term employees are both an asset and an encouragement to businesses. Reaching an employee milestone such as 10 years with a company is an occasion worth celebrating! Your Elephant helps make those experiences memorable and special. Our length of service awards can be crafted to be the best fit for your company and we work with you to make the most unique

and meaningful experiences for your employees. Recipients remember the

gift selection process and years later

can recall the gift they selected.

 Safety Assurance


Safety in the workplace is extremely important. An unsafe practice can result in a disastrous outcome and a lack of proper safety training can leave employees ill-equipped to respond to issues that might arise. Your Elephant can help you develop incentives for an effective safety program. Whether completing safety training, following procedures, pointing out unsafe practices, or other similar safety measures, Your Elephant can help you choose what is best for you.


While appreciation from leaders is important, recognition from peers is also essential. Peers know what employees do on a day to day basis, and immediate acknowledgement can be significantly motivating. Your Elephant will work with you to recognize your employees at every level within your company.

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building a Peer-to-Peer program that will help keep your company running efficiently, effectively and happily.

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On the Spot Cards

Your Elephant offers cards for spot recognition and special occasions in an employee’s life, such as a birthday or a company anniversary. Although companies know how important the “little things” are, it is difficult to find time to do them.  Even when you have the best of intentions, sometimes you get busy, forget or simply have too many other things going on. Receiving a nice card from your employer is special and memorable and Your Elephant makes sure they are sent out on time every time.

On Boarding

A New Hire Packet or Welcome Kit can be friendly ways to introduce and welcome new employees to your company. Your Elephant can work with you to customize packets and kits to fit your work culture. New Hire Gifts can be included to greet new employees and make them feel appreciated from day one.

Retirement Gifts

Retirement gifts from Your Elephant are as unique as your employees are to your company. We offer a wide selection of gifts for any budget, from custom-made executive awards, to classic choices like watches and clocks. Your Elephant has the gifts that demonstrate your company’s gratitude to associates achieving this significant milestone.

Data Management

A Wide Array of Details in One Place. There is a substantial amount of information that your company may need to know about your employees, and sometimes when information changes over time, it can be difficult to monitor and update. Your Elephant can be a workable solution and can help you keep track of your employees’ information.