Length of Service Recognition

Length of Service Recognition

Commitment. Dedication. Recognition.

You value the commitment and dedication of employees who stay with your team. Recognition is more than rewarding; it’s incentive to stay motivated. Choose to reward loyalty through a formal, centralized program from Your Elephant. We handle all the details from handwritten cards and customized packets to a wide range of gifts, so you can focus on the growth of your business. You can choose values from our Product Awards List or shape something entirely new that will match your company the best.

The right thing to do for your employees. The easy thing to do for you.

Amazing Value. Endless Choices.

We understand that today’s employees desire and demand-more choice. Our points based system allows your employees to choose the gift or gifts they actually want, from brands they actually know and trust. We offer the highest value within your budget and best of all, no contracts, maintenance or implementation fees!

Contact us today to start celebrating the long term commitment of your employees with our Length of Service Programs.


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Awarding Employee’s Length of Service & Increasing Loyalty

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Safety Assurance

Safety Assurance

Safe Environment. Productive Environment. 

You invest money to protect the safety of your business. An employee safety assurance program can reduce the costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses. Investing to reward your employees for safe behavior can improve productivity and morale. Remember a safe environment is no accident.

Unique and Customized.

Whether you are introducing safety rewards for the first time or restructuring your current program, Your Elephant has range of customized solutions for your business. Through reward incentives, our program actually encourages individual employee initiative to act safely and according to procedure.

Your Elephant can adjust programs based on your objectives, requirements and budget. Our programs range from simple low-cost solutions which calculate safe hours worked, to more elaborate systems that reward individuals and teams, culminating in an overall annual winner. Building an atmosphere of teamwork and overall awareness will be one of your most effective tools for maintaining workplace safety.


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Benefits of a Safety Assurance Incentive Program


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Peer to Peer

Peer-to-Peer Recognition Programs 

Valued and Recognized.

According to a recent SHRM/Globoforce Survey, 71 percent of companies only track employee engagement and satisfaction via their exit interview! On the other hand, valued employees who are recognized for their hard work by both coworkers and management feel that they are important. Giving your employees the ability to formally recognize one another for positive actions can have a very powerful effect on your company’s overall morale and success.

Meaningful and Tangible.

Peer recognition is especially meaningful when it not only creates a personal connection between colleagues, but also includes a tangible gift award. Contact us to learn more about building a Peer-to-Peer program that will help keep your company running efficiently, effectively and happily.

An Online Awards System Designed To Make Your Life Easier

• Award distribution solutions designed for de-centralized organizations
• Fast set-up
• Scalable software that allows for expansion, growth and modification
• Promotion, launch & support for your ongoing campaign
• Vast product selection, superior choices & transparent pricing
• No contract

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Greeting Cards

Birthday Cards

Small Gesture. Big Impression.

A Your Elephant handwritten, personalized card proves that sometimes small, personal touches can be more powerful than grand gestures. Our personalized greeting card program can help you acknowledge all of the occasions that matter most to your staff and remind them that you care.

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Thank you’s

Remember. Acknowledge. Succeed.

Don’t let limited time or resources prevent you from recognizing those that make your business a success. When your staff or customers receive a hand signed greeting card, it’s a gesture that will be remembered long after the card has been opened. Learn how to set your company apart from the others with Your Elephant hand-signed greeting cards.



Celebrate and Recognize Milestones of Your Employees

Whether an employee has been with your company for 5 years or 30 years, an anniversary card can be a powerful thank you for their continued service. Your Elephant can work with you to create thank you cards to reiterate to them how appreciated they are in your company.

Customized to Fit Your Work Culture

You know your work environment best and Your Elephant can design and customize a perfect card for your employees to make them feel the most appreciated.

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Special Events

Manage. Meet. Celebrate.

Your Elephant can manage your special event, sales banquet, year-end employee anniversary program and everything else in between. We are the experts to partner with your HR group or plan the event and manage the process from start to finish.

Develop. Coordinate. Support.

We specialize in developing events that can include everything from intranet announcements for employee recognition to paperless online nomination forms that provide HR reports. We help coordinate people, giveaways and awards to be where you need them and when. Count on us to support and deliver your HR directives including:

  • Hosted calls or site demonstrations with a corporate fitness or nurse coach.
  • Printed or emailed announcements.
  • Lottery or system wide gifts distributed to participants.
  • Year-end hosting of corporate banquets to introduce new programs.
  • Printed or emailed brochures.
  • Distribution and management of trade shows, including booths and giveaways.
  • Sales meetings and corporate kickoff events to assist in getting the most out of your team.


On Boarding

Create a Lasting Impression and Welcome New Employees

A New Hire Packet or Welcome Kit can be friendly ways to introduce and welcome new employees to your company. Your Elephant can work with you to customize packets and kits to fit your work culture. New Hire Gifts can be included to greet new employees and make them feel appreciated from day one.


Retirement Gifts

Unique Gifts. Unique Employees.

Retirement gifts from Your Elephant are as unique as your employees are to your company. We offer a wide selection of gifts for any budget, from custom-made executive awards, to classic choices like watches and clocks. Your Elephant has the gifts that demonstrate your company’s gratitude to associates achieving this significant milestone.

Lasting Impressions.

Custom retirement gifts have a lasting impression and a positive reflection of your organization’s image. No matter what your retirement gift idea, our award consultants can help you make it the best and even personalize it for the recipient. Make your gifts a lasting symbol of your associates’ career achievements.

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Data Management

Data Management

A Wide Array of Details in One Place.

There is a substantial amount of information that your company may need to know about your employees, and sometimes when information changes over time, it can be difficult to monitor and update. Your Elephant can be a workable solution and can help you keep track of your employees’ information.


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